I produce and assist on a variety of projects within the creative and cultural sector that have included photography, music, charity, film, tattoo, animal, sports and many other live events.

I have a background in Project, Team and Company Management in both administrational and practical roles. All of which have taken me to some amazing parts of the world and allowed me to work with a diverse collection of creative, inspiring people, companies and clients.

Being able to apply different skills and work varying roles, keeps things fresh, never allows me to get bored, presents new challenges and experiences and allows me to practice doing the job I love, which essentially is working around creativity and people.

Experience in:

  • Production, Wardrobe and Catering
  • Large scale event management
  • Live events
  • Team building
  • Project development
  • Professional Development
  • Public speaking
  • Artist, delegate and customer liaisons
  • International logistics
  • Exhibition curation
  • Company board management
  • Media and communications
  • Sales and merchandise
  • Canine care